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  1. Country. CSP. ICCID Prefix. IMSI Prefix (MCC + MNC) Notes. UK. Vodafone. 894410. 23415. UK. Orange. 894412. 23433: UK. 3. 894420. 23420. UK. T-Mobile. 894430. 23430. UK. EE. 894430. 23430. UK. Virgin Mobile (MVNO of T-Mobile) 894430. 23430: UK. O2. 894411. 23410. UK. Tesco Mobile (MVNO of O2) 894411. 23410. UK. mobile by Sainsbury's (MVNO of Vodafone) 894410. 2341
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  3. This is a listing of lists of country codes: List of ISO country codes (ISO 3166) ITU country code (International Telecommunication Union) List of country calling codes E.164; Mobile country code E.212; Maritime identification digits; List of ITU letter codes (radiocommunication division) UIC country code (International Union of Railways

ICCID = Industry Code + Country Code + Issuer Code + other information. The ISO has been published the Industry codes for numbers. Following is the list of codes according to the source The format of the ICCID is: MMCC IINN NNNN NNNN NN C x MM = Constant (ISO 7812 Major Industry Identifier, = 89 for Telecommunications administrations and private operating agencies) CC = Country Code (i.e. 61 = Australia, 86 = China As an example, let's use 891004234814455936F. In every ICCID number, the first two digits are always 89. This is an industry code that indicates this is a product for telecommunications networks. The next one to six digits usually represent the country code, which is established by the International Telecommunications Union Overview The mobile country code consists of three decimal digits and the mobile network code consists of two or three decimal digits (for example: MNC of 001 is not the same as MNC of 01). The first digit of the mobile country code identifies the geographic region as follows (the digits 1 and 8 are not used): 0: Test networks 2: Europe 3: North America and the Caribbean 4: Asia and the Middle.

Result obtained by FYIcenter.com - ICCID/SIM Card Number: Your SIM Card Number: Valid Your SIM Card number, 8981100022152967705, uses ICCID format: Major Industry Identifier (MII): 89 - Telecom - Private agency International Calling Region: 81 - Japan Issuer: 10 - NTT DOCOMO, INC. Account Number: 002215296770 Checksum: COUNTRY COUNTRY CODE ISO CODES Afghanistan: 93: AF / AFG: Albania: 355: AL / ALB: Algeria: 213: DZ / DZA: American Samoa: 1-684: AS / ASM: Andorra: 376: AD / AND: Angola: 244: AO / AGO: Anguilla: 1-264: AI / AIA: Antarctica: 672: AQ / ATA: Antigua and Barbuda: 1-268: AG / ATG: Argentina: 54: AR / ARG: Armenia: 374: AM / ARM: Aruba: 297: AW / AB

ICCID: Hier finden Sie die SIM-Karten-Nummer. In diesem Artikel zeigen wir Ihnen, wie Sie Ihre ICCID finden. Die Nummer dient zur eindeutigen Identifizierung von SIM-Karten. Daher können Sie die Nummer von der SIM-Karte ablesen. Sie wird Ihnen allerdings auch in Ihrem iPhone oder Android-Smartphone angezeigt This database provides information relating to: signatures, ratifications and entry into force of the ICSID Convention; designations and notifications made by ICSID Member States to implement and apply the Convention; and designations made to the ICSID Panels of Arbitrators and of Conciliators This is a complete list of all country ISO codes as described in the ISO 3166 international standard. These codes are used throughout the IT industry by computer systems and software to ease the identification of country names. We have compiled them in the quick reference table below in order to help our clients do quick conversions from the numeric or 2 letter code to any country name.

Der Mobile Country Code ist eine von der ITU im Standard E.212 festgelegte Länderkennung, die zusammen mit dem Mobile Network Code zur Identifizierung eines Mobilfunknetzes verwendet wird. Anhand der ersten Ziffer des MCC kann eine grobe geografische Zuordnung vorgenommen werden: 2 - Europa 3 - Nordamerika und Karibik 4 - Asien, Indien, naher Osten 5 - Australien und Ozeanien 6 - Afrika 7 - Südamerika 9 - Welt Eine Sonderstellung nimmt der MCC 901 ein, er bezeichnet kein Land. The menu will pop up automatically) Choose Edit ICCID (at the bottom under carrier list) Input the 20 DIGIT ICCID CODE: 8901 4104 2796 0534 4555 (or find the latest ICCID code above ^^) Then reboot the phon Imsi code list of Mobile Operators : Att, UK O2, Movistar Mexico, Vodafone, Claro, T-mobile, EE, Orange, Telcel, SFR Romania, Spain, Romani 60 is the area code of the mobile operator in a particular country. 234814455936F - The SIM card number not only has a meaning but acts as an individual operator. It is usually not a problem if your ICCID number is no longer available as you can easily query this number directly via the device

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  1. The Country Code: The country code in an ICCID code specifies the operating region as dictated by the International Telecommunication Union (ITU-T). For example, the NANP countries, excluding Canada, use 01 for their country code. Mobile Network Code: This section of an ICCID code is used to identify the base network. This number is usually 1-4 digits and issued from the network that gave you the SIM card, but it could also be generated from a partner company
  2. Issuer identifier, 1-4 digits. All SIM /ICCID issued by EMnify start with the IIN 8988303, whereas 883 is the non-terrestrial country code of EMnify and 03 its Issuer Identifier. You can download the list here to identify the issuer of a given SIM, by using the first digits of the SIM ICCID serial number
  3. Here is the list of IMSI and ICCID numbers for different country and networks. You need this to enter while configuring GEVEY AIO (All in one) sim card to unlock iPhone 4S. You can get the IMSI details from the GEVEY AIO update software itself. However, we are putting it here for easy reference. Let us know if you face any problem. In most of the cases, ust using the correct Delay.
  4. Die ICCID (Integrated Circuit Card ID) ist eine 18- oder 19-stellige Identifikationsnummer, mit der die SIM-Karte selbst identifiziert wird. Die IMSI (International Mobile Subscriber Identity) ist ein Code, mit dem die Telefongesellschaft die SIM-Karte im Mobilfunknetz identifiziert. Die IMEI (International Mobile Station Equipment Identity) ist eine internationale Seriennummer für Ihr Telefon (Gerät selbst), um es im Netz des Netzbetreibers ordnungsgemäß zu identifizieren

The country code in ICCID's is not to be confused with the country code used in IMSI numbers (MCCs). The next 1 - 4 characters represent the mobile network code (MNC) or Issuer identifier. It helps in identifying the issuer of the SIM card. Hence if you're traveling abroad, the MNC is used to identify the SIM to connect to the local network while you are in another country. The rest of. Country: Carrier Name: IMSI1: IMSI2: Remark: 1: Albania: Albanian Mobile: 2760111: 2: Albania: Eagle Mobile: 2760311: 3: Albania: Vodafone: 2760211: 4: Algeria: AlgeTel: 6030111: 5: Algeria: Nedjma: 6030311: 6: Algeria: Orascom: 6030211: 7: Andorra: Mobiland: 2130311: 8: Angola: Unitel: 6310211: 9: Anguilla: Cabl&wi: 3654011: 10: Anguilla: Mossel: 3650511: 11: Anguilla: Weblink: 3651011: 12: Argentina: Claro: 7161003: 13: Argentina: Compala: 7161003: 1 As part of its services to ICSID Member States and the public, the Secretariat seeks to promote greater awareness of the ICSID dispute process and the development of international law on foreign investment COUNTRY: NETWORK: IMSI Code 1: IMSI Code 2: IMSI Code 3: IMSI Code 4: Albania: Albanian Mobile: 2760111: Albania: Eagle Mobile: 2760311: Albania: Vodafone: 2760211: Albania: Plus Al: 2760411: Algeria: AlgeTel: 6030111: Algeria: Nedjma: 6030311: Algeria: Orascom: 6030211: Andorra: mobiland: 2130311: Angola: Unitel: 6310211: Anguilla: Cabl&wi: 3654011: Anguilla: Mossel: 3650511: Anguilla: Weblink: 3651011: Argentina: Claro: 716100

List of Issuer Identifier Numbers for the international telecommunication charge card (In accordance with ITU-T Recommendation E.118) Country/geographical area Issuer Identifier Number Contact Company Name/Address Afghanistan Tryco International Inc. 89 93 01 Franz Zenz 6736 Old McClean Village Drive 6736 Old McClean Village Driv International Numbering Plans provides a variety of tools in the field of telecommunication for businesses, law enforcement agenncies, governmental organisations or regular users. The services are centered around (mobile) numbering plans, billing databases, (reverse) search engines, investigative tools, and general worldwide country information regarding telecommunications, such as area codes. Mobile Country Code (MCC), 3 Ziffern; Mobile Network Code (MNC), 2 oder 3 Ziffern; Mobile Subscriber Identification Number (MSIN), 1-10 Ziffern; Beispiele einer IMSI: 262 01 9876543210 MCC 262 für Deutschland, MNC 01 für T-Mobile, MSIN 9876543210 für den Teilnehmer. 262 02 9745642210 MCC 262 für Deutschland, MNC 02 für Vodafone D2, MSIN 9745642210 für den Teilnehmer. 310 240 974564247. List of Recommendation ITU-T E.164 assigned country codes: 15/12/2016: E.164: 1060: List of ITU carrier codes (According to Recommendation ITU-T M.1400 (03/2013)) 15/09/2014: 1015: List of Access codes/numbers for mobile networks: 01/11/2012: E.164: 1002: List of Country or Geographical Area Codes for non standard facilities in telematic services: 15/04/2012 : T.35: 1001: List of the national.

+670 - East Timor (formerly +62 39 under Indonesian rule) - formerly Northern Mariana Islands which is now included in NANP as code +1-670 (See Zone 1, above) +671 - formerly Guam - Now included in NANP as code +1-671 (See Zone 1, above So in this case the complete ICCID is 8965880812100011146 Example:-The first two digits are fixed and are the Industry Identifier. 89 refers to the Telecommunications Industry.-The next two or three digits refer to the Mobile Country Code (MCC) as defined by ITU-T recommendation E.164. 310 refers to the United States 7. Mobile Country Code (MCC): Code as specified in ITU T E.212 8. Mobile Network Code (MNC) as allocated by the National Administration and specified in ITU T E.212 9. (U)SIM Header (ICCID) as registered with ITU E.118 as agreed and provided by the National Administration 10. TADIG Code as allocated by IDS (Interoperability Data Specifications and Settlemen - country code; - issuer identifier; - individual account identification number; - parity check digit . For example the tool will generate ICCID's that can be exported to a CSV format: 100 each 19 digits. START 7919601000153956005. END 7919601000153956994 . 500 each 20 digits. START 79014101100506019216. END 7901410110050602420

It is the dial number exit in your contact list , and you give it to people in order to dial you. When you change your SIM card, your MSISDN will not change. This is because the MSISDN identify the phone line, not the SIM card. The structure of the MSISDN is as following, CC refers to 'country code', which is a unique code for every country The latest ICCID code as at March, 2020 is 8901 4104 2702 2598 7873. For a list of the latest version of iOS 13.3.1, visit Zerofy.ng to find compatible ICCID codes MCC - Mobile Country Code. MNC - Mobile Network Code. This parameters are used to to uniquely identify a mobile network operator. You can check which MCC and MNC has your mobile operator in the table bellow

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New iccid updated every day. Help your iPhone worked on any carrie Regulators in some countries are expecting to see the quantity of eUICC / UICC supported by the device and the associated quantity of IMEI. See TS.06 for more information. This information is collected with TAC requests made after 16 DEC 2018 and is provided on the TAC certificate. TAC Owners can update the details of their TAC with the eUICC / UICC and IMEI information, in the IMEI Database. Finally, enter your IMSI number to By Country and Carrier activation method: We can imagine that your IMSI number is 234150829436108: Country: 234 - United Kingdom; Carrier: 15 - Vodafone LTD; SIM ID: 23416; Be at Liberty to Ask any Questions Inside the Comment area Below

Because, one of the most important part of MSISDN is country code, here are given all country calling codes from ZONE 4 or Europe, large countries. +40 - Romania +41 - Switzerland +42 - previously assigned to Czechoslovakia until its breakup +420 - Czech Republic +421 - Slovakia +422 - unassigned +423 - Liechtenstein (formerly +41 75) +424 - unassigne ICCID is a unique identifier of SIM Card. You can find the ICCIDs in physically in the SIM and also in the SIM Settings. Let's find out what the ICCID means and what is the format of this code. Check out how to read the Country code and issuer identifier form the ICCID ICCID decoder. Samsung Country of manufacture. iPhone 6S - Free battery replace. How to safely buy iPhone online. LG IMEI info . iPhone SIM Lock info. iPhone Date of Manufacture. SNDeepInfo Certificates. Site Latest News. ICCID decoder. ICCID numbers checker has been added. At this stage, you can check the ICCID of your iPhone or Android and determine the country and carrier for each number.

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  1. Country Currency Go to settings -> Phone -> sim application -> input ICCID code from above -> the select either sharp 3G/4g mode or ICCID MODE. NOTE: if your handset is locked and you don't have the original sim card or don't know which network sim to use, then you need to open the emergency dialer and dial *5005*7672*00# then press the call button (also try *5005*7672*88# or *5005*7672.
  2. Code: *82 (followed by the number you are calling) This code is primed for the folks who make all of their outgoing calls anonymously. Well, if you are one of them, then you can use this code to show your number on the caller ID. Notably, it can also come in handy in a situation where you want someone to know it's you that's calling. While *82 works for most carriers, T-Mobile has a separate code (*31#) for this purpose
  3. ICCID stands for Integrated Circuit Card Identifier, temporarily translates SIM card identification code. This code consists of a sequence of 19 - 20 numbers, printed directly on the SIM card and is the unique code of that SIM card. In principle, each iPhone phone receives only 1 carrier, ie an ICCID code stored in the SIM's memory. Through the ICCID code, you can check if your iPhone is an international iPhone or just an iPhone lock (iPhone is managed by a carrier distributed by Apple, has.
  4. Here is the list of MCC and CC for all countries. Each country gets the MCC from a standard telecommunication body. It is of a fixed length of three digits, E.g., 404 is the MCC of India, while 91 is the county code. The first three digits of IMSI are MCC. Within a country, there can be multiple mobile operators at various locations. Each operator has multiple mobile network codes or MNCs with in the country. Within a nation, according to the area. The MNC specifies
  5. To help you to obtain detailed information from the ICCID (Integrated Circuit Card Identifier) number, or SIM (Subscriber Identity Module) card number, FYIcenter.com has designed this online tool This list contains the mobile country codes and mobile network codes for networks with country codes between 300 and 399, inclusively - a region that covers North America and the Caribbean. Guam and the Northern Mariana Islands are included in this region as parts of the United States.. National.
  6. The ICCID values we are expecting will be 19 digits + a check digit for a total length of 20 numeric characters. The first two are hard coded to 89 for telecommunications, followed by a 1 for the United States country code, and then 3 digits identifying the Verizon Mobile Network Code.

Because, one of the most important part of MSISDN is country code, here are given all country calling codes from ZONE II or the Africa region Numbering Plan Area. +20 - Egypt +210 - unassigned +211 - unassigned +212 - Morocco +212 288/289 - Western Sahara +213 - Algeria +214 - unassigned +215 - unassigned +216 - Tunisia +217 - Libya +218 - unassigned +219 - unassigne Aktueller MCC (Mobile Country Code) Die aktuellen Einstellungen für Passpoint MCC (Mobile Country Code). iOS. iPadOS. Aktueller MNC (Mobile Network Code) Die aktuellen Einstellungen für Passpoint MNC (Mobile Network Code). iOS. iPadOS. Datenroaming aktiviert Ja oder Nein. iOS. iPadOS. Ethernet-MAC-Adressen. Die Liste der Ethernet-MAC-Adressen. macOS. ICCID

Choose ICCID or IMEI Info to see your number listed. If your phone will not power on, you can simply get the SIM card number by ejecting it from the SIM slot or by pulling it out from a tray on the phone. Androids can have different locations for the SIM card. Occasionally, a SIM tool or push pin may be required to open a SIM tray. If your phone has this design, simply put the tool or the. SIM ICCID Network Name Country 8988299: AeroMob: non-terrestrial: 8988298: OnAir: non-terrestrial: 8988232: TelenorM: non-terrestrial: 8988303: EMnify: non-terrestrial: 8988248: EML: non-terrestrial: 8987099: INX: non-terrestrial: 8929702: Digicel: Aruba: 8929786: SETAR: Aruba: 899301: AWCC: Afghanistan: 8993501: Etisalat: Afghanista ICCID. Because a USIM is IMSIs are hierarchical, starting with 3 digit Mobile Country Code MCC, then the Mobile Network Code (MNC) (2/3 digits) and finally a Mobile Subscription Identification Number (MSIN), a unique number allocated by the operator to the subscribers in their network. This means although two subscribers could theoretically have the same MSIN they wouldn't share the same. What the iccid is ? The ICCID (Integrated Circuit Card Identifier) is the SIM card number. It`s like a defective or deactivated SIM card, or a SIM card from the wrong carrier into a locked device. The war between apple and hackers going on,The new ICCID code has been found in 2018/01/26 after the block of some days.Now working fine till

UnlockMe works really well with users in the United Kingdom and its listed countries. It is expanding quite rapidly, so keeping in touch with this site makes sense. It does provide alternate solutions to finding unlocking codes at present, making it a worthwhile site to check out. If you are unable to find the unlock code this time, you're likely to find a solution the next time you visit this. The MNC together with the Mobile Country Code (MCC) uniquely identifies the home network of the mobile terminal or mobile user. PCLI Codes are used in connection with the identification of a CP and its switch number, e.g. for malicious call identification. PCLI Codes are used generally in public telephone networks and generated either where analogue systems are connected to a digital network. Auflistung Anbieterkennungen Mobilfunk - Forum Mobilfunk: Anbieter und deren Tarif Remove 7 after the country code: +213 21 123456 +213 12 123456 (mobile number) (2 digit number will be either 55, 66, 69, 77, 79) Andorra +376: 7 12345: No special instructions +376 7 12345: Angola +244: 0 22 123456 (number in Luanda) Remove 0 after the country code: +244 22 123456: Anguilla +1-264: 1 264 1234567 (number in Anguilla) +1 264 1234567: Antigua and Barbuda +1-268: 1 268 1234567. Checksum - The Checksum is a 1-digit long calculated from all other digits in the ICCID using the Luhn algorithm. For example, this ICCID = 8991101200003204514 provides the following details: The first two digits 89 refers to Telecommunications as the MII; The next two digits 91 refers to the country code of India

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List of supported parameters: - SIM card state - SIM card serial number (ICCID) - SIM card country ISO - SIM card operator code - SIM card operator name - SIM IMSI - Phone number - Phone type - Voice mail text ID - Voice mail number - Phone type - Device IMEI - Device MEID or ESN - Network country ISO - Network operator code - Network operator name - Network type - Voice roaming - Data roaming Permission READ_PHONE_STATE is required to get information about SIM card. Permission READ_CONTACTS. It is update-able and built from excellent materials with the latest ARM IC providing lowest energy consumption in the industry and extramely stable performance. GEVEY Pro V14.2 perfectly unlocking iPhone12 series 5G/LTE 100% stable signal performance. ICCID Code : 89014104279605344555 2020-12-24. YouTube AlarmClock; BlockedNumberContract; BlockedNumberContract.BlockedNumbers; Browser; CalendarContract; CalendarContract.Attendees; CalendarContract.CalendarAlert

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-x MCC, --mcc=MCC Mobile Country Code [default: 901]-y MNC, --mnc=MNC Mobile Network Code [default: 55]-m SMSC, --smsc=SMSC SMSP [default: '00 + country code + 5555']-M SMSP, --smsp=SMSP Raw SMSP content in hex [default: auto from SMSC] -s ID, --iccid=ID Integrated Circuit Card ID-i IMSI, --imsi=IMSI International Mobile Subscriber Identity-k KI, --ki=KI Ki (default is to randomize)-o OPC. An IMSI is usually presented as a 15 digit number, but can be shorter (not longer) . For example, MTN South Africa's old IMSIs that are still being used in the market are shown as 14 digits. The first 3 digits are the mobile country code (MCC), wh..

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  1. IMSI Code List Sergio November 24, 2017 12:24. Below is a list of the IMSI codes to set up your UnlockMySIM sticker: IMPORTANT! This information is no longer valid for the current version of the UMS. Please check all the information under the UnlockMySIM section. COUNTRY: NETWORK: IMSI 1: IMSI 2: IMSI 3: IMSI 4: Albania: Albanian Mobile: 2760111 : Albania: Eagle Mobile: 2760311 : Albania.
  2. istered the majority of all international investment cases. States have agreed on ICSID as a forum for investor-State dispute settlement in most international investment treaties and in numerous investment laws and contracts
  3. Country Code or the MCC. The next two . to three digits, I might be off a digit on one . of these. Next two to three are the Mobile . Network Code. And then the rest is the . subscriber, the MS, it's the MSIN, the . Mobile Subscriber Identity Number. For US SIM cards only, and this is only . true in the US as far as I know, if you . have the ICCID, which is 19 to 20 digits in . length, it's.
  4. An ICCID number checker can find the mobile country code and mobile network code from the sim card number. Post navigation. SCTP. WHAT IS WIFI CALLING. 1. AW: SIM-Nummer aus ICCID In der Regel sollte der Provider wissen, wie die SIM-Nummer lautet die er herausgegeben hat. Entweder findet man sowas in den persönlichen Daten beim Login oder die. The SIM ICCID is a unique number that identifies.

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List of supported parameters: - SIM card state - SIM card serial number (ICCID) - SIM card country ISO - SIM card operator code - SIM card operator name - SIM IMSI - Phone number - Phone type - Voice mail text ID - Voice mail number - Phone type - Device IMEI - Device MEID or ESN - Network country ISO - Network operator code - Network operator. ICCID prefixes are also country specific and country-specific searching is a good place to start. ICCIDs are also often stored (as per the SIM standards) in hex in reverse nibbled decimal format like IMSIs See the notes above on IMSI encoding.ICCIDs are normally 19 or 20 digits long, so expect 10 pairs of hex digits, possibly using an F as padding if the ICCID was only 19 digits long. Simply text 00 followed by the country code without the first 0, then the area code and then the phone number and press send. Instead of 00 you can also use a +.. For example, if you are texting someone in Romania, simply text 0040377 881276 (number is Lycamobile Customer Services and. How do I get or find SIM Number (ICCID) for lyca mobile . FREE Lycamobile to Lycamobile calls. Free voicemail. RSIM 13 iPhone XS unlock. Dial guide code: *5005*7672*0#, select the last option in the Operator list. Edit ICCID input: 89014104279202589594 and send ICCID • Integrated circuit card identifier (ICC-ID) • Each SIM is internationally identified by its ICC-ID. • ICC-IDs are stored in the SIM cards and are also engraved or printed on the SIM card body during a process called personalization. • The ICC-ID is defined by the ITU-T recommendation E.118. • A 19 digits long including a single check digit calculated using the Luhn algorithm.

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Register and activate your new SIM with Lycamobile. Enter your Lycamobile number or PUK code along with your SIM number to register France country code (prefix) or dialing code with an interactive map and travel information to explore France. The + initiates an international call, followed by the country code (here 33 for France). Alternatively, in most countries (with some exceptions, for example, USA, Canada, Australia, and Russia) 00 can also be used to initiate a foreign call ICCID decoder. 19.01.2014. ICCID numbers checker has been added. At this stage, you can check the ICCID of your iPhone or Android and determine the country and carrier for each number. You can check ICCID on the main page. Rate this page: 1. 2. 3

Mobile country code (MCC) Mobile network code (MNC) Mobile subscription identification number (MSIN) Integrated Circuit Card Identifier (ICCID) - 20 digits. Identifier for the physical SIM card which is printed on the card. Format: 19 digits + 1 check digit. Convention: 89 (Fixed for Telecommunications) + Country/ISD Code (2/3 digits) + MNC (2/3 digits) + Remaining Random Digits + Checksum (1. for sim900 AT+CCID gives CCID. e.g.89912200000280775659. The first two digits (89 in the example) refers to the Telecom Id. The next two digits (91 in the example) refers to the country code (91-India). The next two digits (22 in the example (MNC of IDEA)) refers to the network code. Share The ICCID is made up of several individual parts. For example, on an AT&T Mobility SIM card the first seven digits are the Issuer Identification Number (IIN): 89 - the Major Industry Identifier (MII) - 89 means telecommunications. 01 - country code for the US New 2020 Perfect ICCID 4G Turbo Sim Unlock For Any Network Lock All iPhone Any Country Carrier. For Any Network Lock All iPhone Any Country Carrier. New 2020 Perfect ICCID 4G Turbo Sim Unlock. ICCID CODE: 89014104279605342088. 89014104279605349274. You may insert it into your locked iPhone and activate your iPhone

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  1. is a unique 15-digit number provided to the subscriber. It has a similar structure to ICCID and consists of the MCC, MNC, and MSIN. An example of interpreting a hypothetical 15-digit IMSI (302 720 123456789) is shown below: MCC—The first three digits identify the country. 302 refers to Canada
  2. Grantee Code Applicant Country Date; Wavelabs Co., Ltd. 2AZDS: South Korea: 2021-03-22: Megaway Industrial Limited: 2AZDU: China: 2021-03-22: Hunan Accurate Bio-Medical Technology Co.,Ltd: 2AZDV: China: 2021-03-22: AMTELECOM: 2AZDW: South Korea: 2021-03-22: Shenzhen Qizhilian Technology Co.,Ltd: 2AZDX: China: 2021-03-22: Putian Chuangjia Electronic Co., Ltd: 2AZDY: China: 2021-03-2
  3. pySim. In the below example, we are changing the card's IMSI to 901700000003080 (option -i) and we are specifying a new set of -n NAME (Operator name), -t TYPE (Card type), -c CC (Country code), -x MCC (Mobile Country Code), -y MNC (Mobile Network Code) and -s ID (Integrated Circuit Card ID) values

ICCID lock IMSI: if iccid loophole had closed,and you need change another sim for using moment,user can make it been selected by *,afte that,you can change to use any other sim via tmsi or imsi logic without requesting active.if iphone requesting active,please call *5005*7672*99# order iphone back to desktop,it will work in imsi/tmsi mode to unlock with new sim, not only that,when. Just enter *#06# on your phone keypad, hit the green Call button, and your IMEI will appear on the screen. That failing, you can just check your iPhone's IMEI number by looking on the back of the phone. You'll find it written in tiny letters under the iPhone brand - country code; - issuer identifier; - individual account identification number; - parity check digit. For example the tool will generate ICCID's that can be exported to a CSV format: 100 each 19 digits. START 7919601000153956005. END 7919601000153956994. 500 each 20 digits. START 79014101100506019216. END 7901410110050602420 You can list the already added subscribers with: print_users. You can delete the previously added subscriber with: del_user imsi=901550000123456. Note that the first 3 digits of IMSI is the MCC (or Mobile Country Code) and the two digits after the MCC is the MNC (or Mobile Network Code). In the above example the MCC is 901 and the MNC is 55. It is not necessary but helps the Mobile Station a lot to set the MCC/MNC of your LTE network as your programmed SIM cards dictates. You can change the. yy: 編製iccid時年號的後兩位. 8: 中國聯通iccid默認此為為8. ss:2位省份編碼. 10內蒙古 11北京 13天津 17山東 18河北 19山西 30安徽 31上海 34江蘇. 36浙江 38福建 50海南 51廣東 59廣西 70青海 71湖北 74湖南 75江西. 76河南 79西藏 81四川 83重慶 84陝西 85貴州 86雲南 87甘肅 88寧

If multiple bands are detected they are listed. Router Group - The name of the group the router is in. Router ID - The ID of the router. Each device in NCM has a unique number for identification. Router MAC - The MAC (Media Access Control) address of the router. Router Name - The name of the router. By default, this is of the form: MBR1400-f76 or IBR600-52b (the last three characters are the last three characters of the MAC address). You can change these names in the. Our free Samsung unlock codes work by remote code (no software required) and are not only FREE, but they are easy and safe. Once your Samsung is unlocked, you may use any SIM card in your phone from any network worldwide! As well as the benefit of being able to use your Samsung with any network, it also increases its value if you ever plan on selling it Mobile Network Code (MNC) とは、端末設備を識別するための電気通信番号(International Mobile Subscriber Identity、IMSI)のうち、特に電気通信事業者を識別するために使用されるコード。. 概要. 運用地域を示す、Mobile Country Code (MCC) とともに使用する。ITU-T勧告E.212により規定される

Database of ICSID Member States ICSI

1. CAT Telecom. CAT Telecom. Chon Buri. Pattaya. 2. CAT Telecom Public Company Limited Mobile Country Code (List of MCC/MNC assigned to mobile networks) Footnotes References. External links. List of all mobile network operators in the World divided by country; Last edited on 19 March 2021, at 02:41. Content is available under CC BY-SA 3.0 unless otherwise noted. This page was last edited on.

Almost all countries and mobile operators are supported (including USA, United Kingdom, Canada, European Union, Japan, Australia, China etc.) All manufacturers and phone models are supported. You are able to check any IMEI - iPhone / Samsung / HTC / LG / Nokia / Lenovo / Huawei etc UB SIM 14 comes with an automatic ICCID (30+ included) and it's really easy to configure it and use your iPhone with other sim cards. The intelligent menu will help you to configure the card in less than 5 minutes. Compatible iPhone Models with UB SIM 14. UB SIM 14 works perfectly fine with the latest iPhone models and the latest iOS versions (including iOS 14.4 or 14.4.1). Here is a list of. LG mobiles are a little different from other mobile phones, they do not have the same secret codes for all mobile phones, but below codes work on most LG cell phones. You can display the hidden information of LG handsets and troubleshoot the routine problems with the help of these LG secret codes. Secret Codes for LG Phones . Code. Function *#06# To display the IMEI Number of the mobile. 2945. MCC = Mobile Country Code (e.g. 310 for USA); MNC = Mobile Network Code (e.g. 410 for AT&T), MSIN = sequential serial number. All signaling and messaging in GSM, UMTS and LTE networks uses the IMSI as the primary identifier of a subscriber. The IMSI is one of the pieces of information stored on a SIM card. Multi IMSI, is the solution which provides low cost roaming for a sim card. A sim card. The 9 or 10 digits that follow the code stand for MSIN (Mobile Station Identification Number). How to Find Your Unique SIM Card IMSI Code. Step 1. Open Minicom program in Mac terminal. Step 2. Type the command AT+CIMI and click on Enter. Step 3. You will see IMSI code on the screen. The 15-digit code is stored in /System/Library/Carrier Bundles

List of country codes by alpha-2, alpha-3 code (ISO 3166


Mobile Country Code - Wikipedi

Vodafone’s ho

ICCID Code for RSIM (March 2021, includes iOS 14

Video: Imsi list of Mobile Operator Codes from IMSI Numbe


IFSC Code - Search ICICI Bank IFSC Codes and address of any ICICI branch in India. Get ICICI Bank IFSC (Indian Financial System Code) Code easily using IFSC Code Locator tool, which gives you full address with City and branch name Actually, the code +96 does not represent any country. but a few Middle East country's code starts with 96, such as Kuwait: +965, Saudi Arabia +966, Yemen: +967, Oman: +968 and some few others. u have to put the third digit Integrated Circuit Card ID (ICCID) El chip tiene asociado un número que podemos conocer porque suele estar impreso en la superficie de la SIM. A este número se le conoce como ICCID (Integrated Circuit Card ID, o identificador del circuito integrado de la tarjeta), también como SIM serial number. Es el número de serie que el fabricante da al chip y no hay dos iguales en todo el mundo. Quiz Mobile Country Code (MCC) = 310 Mobile Network Code (MNC) = 410 Packet switch domain(PS) state = Attached Registration(EMM) state = Registered. Radio Information ===== Radio power mode = ON Current RSSI = -53 dBm LTE Technology Preference = AUTO LTE Technology Selected = LTE. Modem Security Information ===== Card Holder Verification (CHV1) = Disabled SIM Status = OK SIM User Operation Required. Enter this code into the unlock code generator together with the country, the network in which the phone is locked and mobile phone brand or model and a unique unlock code will be calculated. That's it! No cables or taking your phone apart! This imei calculator tool give you a free unlock code! The pack contains many unlocking imei tools suitable for every phone brand/model! We all want to. La estructura del número es muy parecida a la del ICCID. Tiene un máximo de 15 cifras (en España es exactamente de 15). Los primeros tres dígitos definen el país y se llaman MCC (Mobile Country Code) o IPM (Indicativo de País para el servicio Móvil)

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